The Importance of Waterproofing

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Water is one of THE most essential life-supporting elements on the planet, but when it comes to your high-rise or commercial property, water typically has the opposite effect. Water damage can adversely affect everything from curb appeal to structural integrity. Waterproofing secures a building from water damages, whether occurring from leaks, built-up moisture, or exposure the elements. With the proximity of high-rise construction, large scale of commercial property, and the extreme exposure to elements in the North East region, it is essential to regularly monitor your building for water damage.

A proactive schedule of assessments and repairs is a smart choice; it will eventually always cost more money to fix than to maintain. Water can infiltrate spaces invisible to the casual observer, which means it could be responsible for causing complications to building structural components. To protect against spread of fire, building regulations have led to brick, stone, and concrete becoming the basic building materials used in high-rise facades. However beneficial these materials are against fire; they allow water to enter the building. Porous materials allow water to enter the building and corrode the steel structural frame and devices used to support or anchor façade elements. Corrosion results in deterioration, or the separation and loss of mass of the metal. The symptoms or the resulting damage of cracks or movement of façade materials, can be easily observed, even when corrosion is not. Façade defects, such as cracks, allow yet another path for moisture to enter. Corrosion of metals in buildings may affect not only the performance of the envelope but also the reliability of the structural frame.

It is in our name- Elements Management provides architectural, engineering, and project management services to repair, restore, or replace existing building envelope systems, which include roofs, facades and foundations that protect against the elements. Our experience allows us to assess your building envelope's conditions accurately. We help you uncover concealed problems, anticipate unforeseen conditions, and identify code compliance issues. We employ a variety of techniques, including core sampling, material testing, water testing, vector mapping, and infrared or nuclear moisture scans. Do not wait until water has corroded your investment, call for a waterproofing assessment today.

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