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Elements Management compliments our clients’ building

envelope resources as owner representatives, project managers,

architects, engineers and construction managers. We provide architectural, engineering, and project management services to repair, restore, or replace existing building envelope systems, which include roofs, facades and foundations that protect against the elements.

Elements Management is a project management and building envelope consulting firm that partners with building owners and managers to service commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. 

We provide architectural and engineering services to repair, restore, or replace existing building envelope systems, which include roofs, facades and floors that protect against the elements.

We supplement our clients’ resources as owner representatives, project managers, architects and engineers to perform condition assessments, develop cost estimates, draft plans and specifications, prepare construction documents, and manage construction projects from bidding through project closeout.

Elements Management delivers a specialized, effective, and efficient business model to the building envelope marketplace. We employ skilled communicators, make use of the latest technology, incorporate proven materials and methods, and leverage our contractor relationships and work experience to expertly manage our clients building envelope and assets.

SERVICES (at a glance)



  • Existing Conditions Survey

  • Infrared, Nuclear, Vector,

       Moisture, Water Testing, etc.

  • Exploratory Testing

  • Façade Safety Inspections

  • Structural Analysis


  • Design Development

  • Options and Budgets

  • Construction Documents

  • Value Engineering

   Project Management

  • Contractor Management

  • Bid Management

  • Contract Assistance

  • Construction Administration


What is a Building Envelope?

A building envelope is the sum of the components that create the physical barrier between the inside and outside of a building. It is sometimes referred to in layman’s term as the shell. The building envelope includes the roof, walls, windows, doors, and foundation and is responsible for the security, climate control, waterproofing, fire resistance, acoustics, and aesthetic needs of a building.

What services does Elements Management provide?
We focus on the architect and engineering services associated with the repair, restoration, and replacement of existing building envelope systems. We often perform the role of roof consultant, waterproofing consultant, or building envelope consultant.

What don’t you do?
We are not a contractor. We do not physically do the work. We assess conditions, scope work, draft construction documents, bid projects, and provide quality control and construction administration to project completion.

Do you do residential?
Not really. Our focus is on existing commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

What is your geographic reach?
Most of our work is located in Eastern Massachusetts, but we have traveled all over the US on behalf of our clients, and many of our clients are located out of state but own properties in Massachusetts.

Maximize Your Investment

with Preventative Assessment, Maintenance & Management 


Maximize your return on investment in your building's masonry or concrete façade/structure elements or roofing components with proper 

Asset Assessment, Maintenance, and Management.

  • Keep existing roofing, waterproofing, and coating manufacturer warranty agreements in force by performing and documenting the required preventative maintenance procedures.


  • Extend the life of your structure's roofing system and masonry/concrete façade elements (and avoid the potential expense of catastrophic damage) with regular assessment, repair, and preventative maintenance.


  • Access, anticipate, and plan for the expenses of minor and major repairs, and potential emergency repairs.


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