EM designs bids that are broken into logical components, (base bid, alternates, options, unit pricing, allowances, etc,) that empower owner’s to decide what they want and get what they pay. We’ll recommend qualified contractors, manage pre-bid activities, respond to RFIs, issue addenda, compile bid results, and clarify the scope and schedule with the desired contractor prior to execution of the owner-contractor construction contract.


Boston Façade Ordinance 9.9‐12 — What High-Rise Building Owners & Managers Need to Know

According to Boston Façade Ordinance 9.9‐12 (Inspection of Exterior Walls and Appurtenances of Buildings Requiring Periodic Inspection), occupied high-rise structure (buildings that are 7 stories or more, or greater than 70 feet in height), must be inspected once every 5 years — and every year if the building is unoccupied. The ordinance is in place to offer protection to pedestrians against injuries and/or death from facade components falling from buildings. The inspection is conducted by a licensed Inspectional Services Department architect or engineer.

The Importance of Boston Façade Safety Certification

After having received satisfactory proof of commercial façade inspection in Boston, MA, from the Inspection Officer and a report that states conditions are safe, the Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Commissioner issues an exterior wall certificate to the owner/manager of occupied/unoccupied building. This certificate carries a lot of significance as it renews the building (occupied) for the next 5 years. No structure referenced in the said section can be occupied without this certificate. The occupancy of such a structure without a valid certificate is a punishable offense and might lead to a fine of one hundred ($100.00) dollars for each day that such violation continues.

Elements Management Helps You Stay in Compliance & Increases the Life of Your Investment

Elements Management conducts commercial façade assessment in Boston, MA, to look for problems, (including potential problems), and suggests repairs and replacements (if any are required), not only to help you stay in compliance with the Boston Façade Ordinance but to increase the life of your investment. Elements conducts both general and detailed visual inspections, where our engineers physically assess your building components and analyze the condition and stability of the wall component.

We Also Review Building Service Histories

Apart from conducting commercial façade condition assessment in Boston, we also review your building’s service history to understand how it has been servicing the occupants over the years. We check previously generated maintenance reports to look for areas where the building has been repaired and where the problem areas may still exist.

We Provide You with a Detailed Report on Façade Inspection

Once we are done with the commercial façade safety inspection in Boston, MA, we provide you with a detailed report based on our findings and analysis. Our objective is to help our clients ensure a positive evaluation by The Inspectional Services Department (ISD) officer so you successfully receive Façade Safety Certification in Boston, MA. We also help you with design options, bid management, and construction documentation and administration if needed.

Why Choose Elements Management?

We offer clarity to our clients, remove ambiguity, and improve project outcomes. We make sure that the quality and quantity of the work you want is clearly defined and communicated upfront. Every service that we offer is tailored to your goals and financial objectives so you can make the most informed decisions.

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