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In addition to being your technical expert and advisor, we serve as an extension of your management team during the construction process, ensuring accountability and efficiency by leading meetings, documenting progress, justifying change orders, approving payment requests, and expediting project close out.

Our construction administration

tasks include:

  • Review submittals and shop drawings (if applicable)

  • Qualify and quantify unit work

  • Review contractor payment requisition forms

  • Review change order requests and draft change order forms

  • Photograph job progress and design modifications

  • Meet with project team members to review job progress

  • Preparation and distribution of meeting notes to project team members.

  • Preparation and distribution of periodic progress updates: a pdf document with descriptive, captioned photographs

  • Generation of punch-list and management of list items to project completion

During the construction phase of a project we provide close supervision and related services to coordinate the project with the owner and contractor. We assist our clients by overseeing the progress of construction and monitoring for conformance with the contract drawings and specifications. Our Project Managers oversee a contractor’s work to ensure proper construction techniques, materials, equipment, and safety measures throughout the duration of the project and monitor the contractor’s progress. We provide a close review of a contractor’s progress schedule to ensure the successful and timely completion of the project. Regularly scheduled site visits help us keep track of the project’s progression and ensure we are able to swiftly answer any questions should they arise.


An efficient construction administration team provides much needed project organization and communication. We help to confirm projects get off to a smooth start with a pre-construction meeting that reviews everything from:


  • Contracts, submittals, and change order procedures

  • Construction schedule, manpower, and contact information

  • Site set-up and disposal locations

  • Tenant logistic/operational concerns

  • Provision of typical architectural stamps and construction affidavits required by local officials for the contractor to acquire a permit. (if necessary).

  • Contractor mock-ups of proposed replacement sealants, mortar, masonry, and cladding systems for installation, material, and color review and approval

If at any time there is ambiguity while interpreting the construction documents, we will be able to provide clarity. If questions require additional explanation, we will supply written explanations and/or supplemental drawings. Should any required changes arise that affects the project design, timeline or budget, we will work with all parties to find an acceptable solution.


Building envelope repair projects generally require multiple on-site services to address ongoing discoveries of existing conditions, to qualify and quantify unit work, and to ensure compliant workmanship. A schedule of regular site visits and construction meetings will be created and adhered to as we oversee construction progress. We’ll also review any materials samples to ensure they meet project specifications, quality standards, and are approved by the owner.  We also review and certify the contractor’s applications for payments throughout the duration of construction, so that owner’s only pay for the actual work performed.


As the project nears completion, we provide a detailed inspection to identify incomplete or substandard work and publish a “punch list” of items that need further attention. Once a final inspection of the construction work is acceptable, there is a review of the final application for payment, warranties, lien waivers, maintenance manuals (if applicable), and all other closeout documentation/paperwork. 

In addition to being your building envelope technical, we serve as an extension of your facility management team during construction, ensuring quality, accountability and efficiency.

​Let us administer your next project, so you get the quality and quantity of what you pay for.

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