Building envelope systems, architectural - engineering, and project management.

Elements Management provides architectural and engineering services to assess, repair, restore, and or replace existing building envelope systems. Our clients include building owners and property managers of commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. We offer a flexible range of services, from initial assessments and design options to construction documents, bid management, and construction administration, customized to each client's goals. 


Assessment & 

Our experience allows us to assess your building envelope's conditions accurately. We help you uncover concealed problems, anticipate unforeseen conditions, and identify code compliance issues. We employ a variety of techniques, including core sampling, material testing, water testing, vector mapping, and infrared or nuclear moisture scans. 

Design Options &
Cost Estimates

Tailoring everything to your goals and financial objectives, our team will present short, medium, and long-term design options for the repair, restoration, or replacement solution. With these options, we'll provide quanities and cost estimates so that you can make the most informed go-forward decisions.

Plans &

Our team will create your project plans and specifications, ensuring that the quality and quantity of work you want is defined and communicated upfront. This eliminates ambiguity, increases bid competition, decreases change orders, and anticipates unforessen conditions, which ultimately improves project outcomes and reduces liability.

Bidding Management

EM designs bids broken into logical components, (base bid, alternates, options, unit pricing, allowances, etc,) that empower Owner's to decide what they want and get what they pay for from pre-qualified local contractors. We'll manage pre-bid activities, respond to  RFIs, issue addenda, compile bid results, and clarify the scope and schedule

with the desired contractor prior to execution of the Owner-Contractor construction contract.

Construction Administration

As an OPM, we often enable Owner's to self-manage projects without the added layer and expense of a third party construction manager. We serve as an extension of your property management team during the construction process; ensuring accountability and efficiency by leading meetings, documenting process, justifying change orders, reviewing payment requests, and expediting project close out.  

Portfolio &
Lifecycle Planning

If you are looking to buy, manage, or sell multiple buildings, we can help. We'll assess a specific issue or an entire portfolio of building envelope assets and help you plan for the short and long-term, keeping your budget and financial objectives in consideration.




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