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Facade Restoration: The Significance of Power Washing

You shower regularly, spring-clean your closets, and even take your car to the car wash… so why do so many buildings go overlooked when it comes to regular washing? Your building takes a beating from harsh weather and the elements. Regular pressure washing can help prevent rot and disintegration, as built-up dirt and grime can hold in moisture on the surfaces, causing growth of mildew and mold. Biodegradable contaminants can not only cause severe structure damage, but also severely impact your curb-appeal, health and safety of your tenants, and value of your property. It is a simple way to protect your investment, but one best left to the professionals.

First impressions count! A sparkling clean and well-maintained building speaks volumes about the professionalism and attention to detail of the businesses within it. It also shows the care that goes into not only maintaining the health of the building, but of its inhabitants. Your building’s exterior surfaces accumulate pollutants, mildew, mold, and other bacteria that can be harmful to those working within it, causing respiratory issues, allergies, and the like. Built-up grime on walkways can be hazardous as people may slip on it. By maintaining the cleanliness of your building’s façade, you are reinvesting to guarantee not only better first impressions, but happier tenants, a safer workplace, and a higher resale value.

Normal cleaning involves elbow grease; however, power washing applies water pressure on surfaces to easily strip away all harmful contaminants and stubborn stains from outer surfaces. If you think this means cutting corners, or that just anyone can be hired to power-wash, think again! Improper use of chemicals or water pressure can actually cause more harm than good to the surfaces AND your landscaping by introducing run-off chemicals. Power washing experts are well versed in the techniques and methods best suited to your building.

Depending on the condition of the building, it might require low- or high-pressure washing.

Low-pressure washing is more suitable for buildings where the exteriors run the risk of being damaged by very high-pressure application and typically employ the use of a more gentle, biodegradable cleaning solution. High-pressure power washing solutions are best suited to clean buildings made with strong materials like metal or concrete. These materials are capable of handling high pressures so there is no risk of damaging the building during the façade cleaning and restoration process.

A façade restoration project, even a simple washing, requires certified and experienced technicians who can evaluate and recommend proper techniques for your specific project. To know what is the right process for power washing your building, contact Elements Management today—your trusted consultant in Boston, MA. We will recommend the best options for your specific project.

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