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Building Envelope Inspections: Why Commercial Waterproofing Assessments Are Important

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

During its lifetime, a building’s most vulnerable component is the envelope. It is the “skin” that keeps the exterior elements (wind, rain, snow, heat, and cold) out and ensures the interior elements are protected.

Water is one of the biggest enemies of a building envelope, putting your structure at serious risk should there be issues around waterproofing. Building envelope inspections that include commercial waterproofing assessments in Boston, MA, are critical and need to be scheduled at regular intervals to ensure your building is protected.

Building Envelope Inspections Are More than Just Roof Inspections

Though damaged roofs are the common reason behind leakage issues in a building, the fact is, water does not need a big opportunity to cause a lot of damage. This is why it’s critical to have all the building envelope systems and components inspected against water intrusion. A building envelope inspection is not just focused on roofs. It also includes inspections of walls, foundation, floors, and other barriers that separate the interior and exterior environments.

Leakage Problems in a Building Envelope Can Be Devastating

Building designers today have so many options available at their disposal, especially when it comes to the exteriors of buildings. Trying to learn every aspect of those systems is almost impossible. The biggest complaint that owners have is that their building is not functioning the way that it's supposed to. The vast majority of building envelope problems occur where one material transitions to another. In fact, 90% of building envelope leaks will develop in just 1% of the envelope—but that 1% can be devastating. Commercial waterproofing condition assessments in Boston, MA can help you avoid the losses, damage, and compliance issues that can develop from your building’s waterproofing issue.

Contact Elements Management for Top-Notch Building Envelope Inspection Service in Boston

Elements Management conducts a thorough inspection of all building envelope systems, diagnoses the cause and resulting damage from pesky leaks, and ensures these issues are resolved with high-quality work at an economical price. Stay compliant, avoid losses, and increase the life expectancy of your building! Contact Elements Management today for top-notch building envelope inspection services in Boston.

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